Michael J Belaire Sr, commonly known as Mike within his circle, is an ardent and enthusiatic researcher for various water and wastewater treatment technologies.

Michael has spent much of his career working as a researcher and lobbyist for the family operated environmental engineering firm in Ottawa, Ontario, and Quebec. His research has focused on issues of cost affective and increased efficiencies of treating wastewater using microbial activation, utilizing patented gas transfer technologies and media, rather than the existing mechanical aeration or anaerobic treatment of wastewater. Michael is a compulsive net worker. His influential network extends from the political arena, both federal and provincial, to scientists and inventors across North America.

Michael is well known as a (PDR) Product Development Researcher, working with senior research bodies like the NRC, and the ARC, he has sat on national committee’s relating to environmental technologies and processes relating to the wastewater and recycling industry.

Official appointments, lobbyist and member of commissions Michael has a legal background working with both the Ontario and Al

At Levapor, Mike is working as CEO/Director of Levapor Engineering Canada and responsible for the Levapor work in North American subcontinent.