One Carrier, many process configurations

Due to versatility of utilizing Levapor carriers with hybrid process configuration of IFAS, virtually , the carrier can be agglomerated into any process configuration based on suspended growth technology including SBR, Step Feed, Barden-Pho Process , RBC, Plug Flow Type Activated Sludge process and many more.


Advantage Levapor carriers:

  • Any suspended growth process can be upgraded for better reduction and higher treatment capacity without making major changes in it
  • Maximum utilization of existing equipment
  • Ease of upgradation and retrofit
  • Site specific designs and process configuration selection

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Amit Christian, having MSc degree in Environmental Science from UK university has more than 20 years of experience in the field of water and wastewater treatment. He has expertise in MBBR and IFAS process design, engineering and process start up /commissioning.