ifas process

Ifas process: A truly Hybrid process bringing benefits of both suspended and attached growth process together

Conventionally with free floating attached growth process, MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) configuration is a popular choice. In MBBR no sludge recycle is practiced and all removal is obtained via biomass attached on the media only.

However, over the past few decades, IFAS process in which apart from free floating media, MLSS is also maintained in the suspended phase using RAS just like conventional activated sludge process. In fact IFAS process with textile sheets, cord media and other fixed in place media has been around the scene quite for a long time and has been successfully implemented for upgradation of existing overloaded activated sludge processes.

Ifas process offers distinct advantages:

  • Truly Hybrid process which provides biodegradation through both Suspended as well as Attached biomass
  • Help reduces clarifier solids loading rates as much of the biomass is retained within the reactor on Attached growth media
  • Provides development of diverse microbial community structure which improves the process performance enhancing toxic and shock load response of the process
  • Offers a wide range of operating window in terms of MLSS, F/M ratio and thus makes it most suitable process configuration for scenarios where there is high seasonal as well as spatial fluctuations in organic and hydraulic loading rates.
  • Offers same flow sheet and operational philosophy as Conventional Activated Sludge Process and thus allows the useful and effective utilization of existing knowledge of Activated Sludge Process
  • Improves Settling Properties of Sludge with lower SVI values and thus improving clarifier performances.