waste water treatment

An Odyssey from Concept to Commissioning

Efficient, Economical , Sustainable , Well Proven and Practically Tested Wastewater Treatment Process Engineering : An odyssey from Concept to Commissioning

Because of increasing awareness about the Environmental Pollution caused by wastewater discharges into the receiving water, more and more stringent standards are being implemented and practiced for the treated wastewater discharges for various communities, municipalities and industries like Pulp and Paper, Steel , Agro Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, CETPs, Petro Chemicals and Refineries.

Further because of global economic growth , which has triggered generation of wastewater having higher variations in its flow and composition pattern, both industries and municipalities are facing challenging situation in managing their wastewater treatment facilities. Under such dynamic conditions it is almost imperative to develop robust, economical and workable process solutions for the treatment of wastewater having a diverse nature.

At Levapor, We strive to help our clients both in municipal as well as industrial segment to develop and implement efficient , robust and sustainable process solutions for their wastewater treatment requirement meeting the treatment targets.

Our Services include:

  • Problem Analysis,
  • treatment goals identification, conceptual process design
  • pilot testing services, finalization of design parameters
  • complete engineering design
  • Start up and commissioning of the process along with operation and maintenance assistance/training services for the proposed wastewater treatment process scheme.

We provide complete process engineering solutions within municipal and industrial segment for new projects, upgradation/expansion of existing wastewater treatment plants, Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR), Nitrification of Industrial effluents and biodegradation of effluents containing toxic organic pollutants in it.

Our extensive experience in developing process solutions for various industries and municipalities along with our Research and Innovation oriented, practical testing based approach always ensures that the wastewater treatment solution developed for the problem wastewater stream performs to the expectations of the client and satisfies their needs for their wastewater treatment requirement.

Benefit of Service

  • Well proven and tested process solutions which delivers results under all conditions
  • Reduced CAPEX because of practically derived designs
  • Reduced OPEX due to fine tuning of process operating window well before full scale operation
  • Lower process upsets during operations due to attention given to specific problems disturbing the process and performance
  • Well trained operational staff because of extensive training and know how gained about the proposed process during pilot testing and also further reinforced during plant start up , commissioning and operational period
  • Smoother and Faster process start up and commissioning reducing the downtime for full scale implementation and thus overall project costs.

More Information

Whether you require solution for your new upcoming municipal and industrial effluent treatment projects or looking for upgrading existing treatment facilities for better removal efficiencies or higher treatment capabilities, We are always happy to serve your needs for the project.

Our dedicated team of professionals will help you to solve your wastewater treatment problems through their systematic , research oriented approach . Our team ensures that each solution derived delivers the results as per the expectations.

Professional team

Our highly professional team will ensure that each aspects of your wastewater management has been considered while deriving optimum solutions for your requirement resulting in a final process design which delivers results under all conditions.

Time bound Project Completion

Because of our highly experience and professional team, We deliver the project within the specified time limits for the project rendering clients lower overheads for the implementation of the wastewater management and help them reap the benefits of well engineered process solutions for their requirement.

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