Levapor carriers based aerobic biological wastewater treatment solutions are offered as IFAS(Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) process configuration. In this process configuration, MLSS is also maintained in the suspended phase along with Levapor carriers using RAS (Returned Activated Sludge) as practiced in the conventional activated sludge process. This combination of both suspended growth and attached growth process makes Levapor IFAS a truly hybrid process bringing advantages of both attached growth and suspended growth processes.

ifas hybrid process

Salient Features Of Levapor Ifas hybrid process:

  • Lower degree of carriers filling (12 to 15 % of reactor volume)
  • Higher volumetric loading rates
  • Same flow sheet and operational philosophy as conventional activated sludge process
  • Can be configured with almost any of the conventional activated sludge process configuration including CAS, A2O, Bardenpho, Step Feed, Plug Flow, Oxidation Ditch Pond etc.
  • Very high amount of active biomass (18-25 kg/m3 of media)

Benefits Of Levapor Ifas hybrid process:

  • Higher process stability against toxic shock loads
  • Can be operated on a wide range of operating conditions for qualitative and quantitative fluctuations of wastewater
  • Better settling properties of MLSS and clarifier performance
  • Higher level of Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification (SNDN) resulting lower energy consumption for BNR
  • Smaller foot print compared to conventional activated sludge and MBBR