Since its invention at the start of the 18th Century, biological wastewater treatment technologies have been emerged as the most economical and sustainable wastewater management tools for the treatment of wastewater containing organic/inorganic biodegradable pollutants in it.

Present biological wastewater treatment technologies are based on natural “self purification” process utilized by nature for the biochemical conversion of pollutants to less harmful forms. This process utilizes naturally occurring microorganisms under different environmental conditions for the breakdown of pollutants present in the wastewater.

Principally biological wastewater treatment technologies are categorized as suspended growth and attached growth processes based on mechanism of retaining microorganisms within the reactors. Further these processes are also classified as Aerobic and Anaerobic processes based on presence and absence of oxygen for the microbial degradation of pollutants.

Over the years, these basic process configurations have been evolved a lot to meet specific treatment requirements and many hybrid process configurations combining both suspended and attached growth processes have been developed and implemented for a wide range of wastewater treatment requirement within industrial and municipal segment.

Levapor is engaged in providing biological wastewater treatment technology based on innovative hybrid attached growth processes like MBBR(Moving Bed Bio Reactor) and IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) for Aerobic as well as Anaerobic treatment.

Through our investigative and R&D based approach, over the past few decades, we have developed various innovative, application specific process configurations utilizing biological processes to their maximum efficiency.

Our MBBR and IFAS technologies have been continuously refined through inhouse research to cater any challenging biological wastewater treatment requirement. Our primary focus is to deliver robust, sustainable, economical and efficient solutions to the clients for their needs.


Advantages of Levapor Biological wastewater treatment Process Solutions