LEVAPOR : An advanced MBBR and IFAS media for biological wastewater treatment

Levapor is an advanced MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Film Reactor) and IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) media for biological wastewater treatment. Levapor MBBR media is made of reticulated PU foam impregnated with activated carbon which provides very high specific surface area, high adsorption capacity and high inner porosity. These specific properties of Levapor MBBR Media allows growth of highly active and efficient biofilms resulting in remarkably higher process performance compared to conventional activated sludge , plastic MBBR media and conventional attached growth processes like Trickling Filter and Fixed Bed processes.

Levapor MBBR media can be applied for BOD removal, Nitrogen removal via Nitrification and Denitrification and COD reduction for municipal sewage treatment plants (STP) and industrial effluent treatment plants (ETP) effectively resulting in better performance, lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to conventional technologies like Activated Sludge, Trickling filter and plastic MBBR media.

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Welcome to Levapor

Levapor is a global organization engaged in the field of Environmental Bio Technology providing fixed film or attached growth and hybrid activated sludge based MBBR and IFAS process solutions for biological wastewater treatment.

We help various industries and municipalities to develop tailor made Levapor MBBR and IFAS process solutions for their biological wastewater treatment requirement for BOD removal, Nitrogen removal and better COD reduction fulfilling their requirement of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) , reuse and recycle.

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Since last 40 years, Levapor and its principles are engaged in the field of biological wastewater treatment developing innovative and tailor made process solutions. Our rich experience in both attached growth MBBR and conventional suspended growth based technologies has helped us deliver efficient and economical process solutions bringing advantages of both MBBR and Activated sludge process to meet various clients’ needs for BOD removal, Nitrogen removal and COD reduction.

True care & passion

At Levapor , We are highly passionate about our job as biological wastewater treatment professionals delivering solutions based on MBBR attached growth and suspended growth activated sludge processes. Based on our past experience and practice oriented test based approach , We ensure that each process solution, be it for organic pollutants removal or for Nitrogen removal , delivers the results in terms of BOD, COD, Ammonia and Total Nitrogen as per clients’ expectations.

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Levapor Applications

Levapor MBBR and IFAS media can be utilized virtually for any biological wastewater treatment process treating municipal sewage wastewater as well as various industrial effluent treatment applications for BOD, COD and Ammonia nitrogen removal. Due to its very high specific surface area, high inner porosity and high adsorption capacity , Levapor MBBR media can be applied in a hybrid process configuration with any conventional suspended growth based activated sludge processes like CAS, SBR, Extended Aeration system, Plug Flow type activated sludge.

Some of the key areas of applications for Levapor MBBR media are :

  • Upgradation of existing Activated sludge (CAS) , SBR , MBBR , Trickling filter
  • BOD and COD removal from Municipal sewage as well as industrial effluents
  • Nitrification and Denitrification processes for Ammonia and Total Nitrogen removal within municipal sewage, industrial effluents, aqua culture segment

Application of Levapor MBBR carriers based processes help clients achieve remarkable higher removal rates for BOD, COD and nitrification, higher process stability, lower operation and maintenance costs and simplicity of operation for biological process management.

Levapor Case Studies

Over the past few years, Levapor MBBR media has been applied for numerous applications like BOD/COD removal , upgradation of existing plants, nitrification process for ammonia removal within both municipal and industrial segment. The number of case studies for different application indicates the versatility of Levapor MBBR media application as a sustainable solution for clients biological wastewater treatment needs.