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Pilot Testing and Verification of proposed process concept

“Science Walk forward on two feet, namely Theory and Experiment”

We at Levapor, are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have spent their entire life span in studying various effluent treatment problem and deriving optimum solution for it. This life long quest for the optimum process solutions for different needs has taught us that no two wastewater streams are same even if they belong to same type of industry. Due to varying degrees of various practices and activities, the nature and composition of wastewater stream differs from place to place and from case to case.

Thus, in order to confirm our theoretical process design which have been developed from the distilled wisdom gained during years of experience and expertise, We still believe in pilot testing and experimentation before finalizing the final process scheme. This ensures that the proposed process concept has been verified directly for the wastewater problem under consideration. This allows us to collect data and information not just to validate our conceptual process design but also helps us to optimize the process economics and capital costs associated with the project implementation. It also helps us to identify any anomalies and variation in the performance of the proposed process prior to full scale implementation saving huge cost to the clients which otherwise require a very large chunk of their capital to correct the faulty process designs !!!!

“Experience is comparable fashion, an action that proved successful today would be unworkable and impractical tomorrow. ”-Og Mandino

Benefit of Service

  • Well proven and tested process solutions which delivers results under all conditions
  • Reduced CAPEX because of practically derived designs
  • Reduced OPEX due to fine tuning of process operating window well before full scale operation
  • Lower process upsets during operations due to attention given to specific problems disturbing the process and performance
  • Well trained operational staff because of extensive training and know how gained about the proposed process during pilot testing and also further reinforced during plant start up , commissioning and operational period
  • Smoother and Faster process start up and commissioning reducing the downtime for full scale implementation and thus overall project costs.

More Information

Whether you require solution for your new upcoming municipal and industrial effluent treatment projects or looking for upgrading existing treatment facilities for better removal efficiencies or higher treatment capabilities, We are always happy to serve your needs for the project.

Our dedicated team of professionals will help you to solve your wastewater treatment problems through their systematic , research oriented approach . Our team ensures that each solution derived delivers the results as per the expectations.

Professional team

Our highly professional team will ensure that each aspects of your wastewater management has been considered while deriving optimum solutions for your requirement resulting in a final process design which delivers results under all conditions.

Time bound Project Completion

Because of our highly experience and professional team, We deliver the project within the specified time limits for the project rendering clients lower overheads for the implementation of the wastewater management and help them reap the benefits of well engineered process solutions for their requirement.

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