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At Levapor, We all come to work with a passion to solve world’s waste water management problems. Our focus is not just to meet legislative requirements for discharges through our process solutions. But We come to work with a zeal to promote reuse and recycle of wastewater generated from every sphere of human activities. We take utmost care to study clients’ waste water management problem and help them to develop optimum, efficient, economical, robust and workable process solutions for their requirement.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make reuse and recycle the most effective and economical waste water management tool for every community and industries by providing research and innovation based, practice-oriented process solutions for their effluent treatment




The Genesis

Levapor was founded by Dr. Imre Pascik, a research scientist having more than 40 years of experience in research and development of process solutions for complex effluents , polluted air/gas treatment and sludge management. A PhD in Polymer science from Aachen University , Imre has worked with a leading chemical company for their waste water treatment R & D Division. This experience has earmarked his development as seasoned and acclaimed professional in the field of Environmental Bio Technology developing numerous innovative and many “first” of the kind solutions for various industries like Pulp and Paper, Agro Chemicals, Organic Chemicals Manufacturers , Petro Refineries, Land Fill Waste management.

After his retirement, to further his passion for the field of Environmental Bio Technology and to share his experience and expertise with the world, with an aim to help the world develop more sustainable solutions for their water management requirement, Imre started the professional organization in 1998.

Since then due to customer centric, research and innovation based practice oriented approach to solve any environmental pollution problem, Levapor is continuously increasing its global foot print and emerging as leading process engineering solution provider in the field of wastewater and polluted air /gas management.

Our Expert Team

Our team comprise of experienced and seasoned professionals along with young and dynamic practitioners who thrive to deliver their best while delivering waste water management solutions to their clients world wide.

Imre Pascik


Dr. Imre Pascik is the founder and main think tank behind inception of Levapor as global process solution provider. A PhD in Polymer Science from prestigious Aachen Universit..

Amit Christian


Amit Christian is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a MS degree in Environmental Pollution Control from Middlesex University, London, UK. Amit has more than fourteen years of experience..

Danny Lee

Director Planet Biru, Indonesia

Danny Lee, an Engineer from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a versatile engineer with background in sales, marketing, project planning and technical experiences. Danny has worked in various industries, and currently out to save the world by assisting companies in controlling their waste discharge…

Imi Pascik

Manager Production and Logistics

An avid graphic designer and artist, Imi is looking after our in house production facilities for the Levapor carriers production. He ensures that each batch of levapor carriers delivered are meeting the quality standards

We have 40 years experience in Waste Water Treatment

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