BIOFILTRATION OF EFFLUENTS The biofiltration of preteated effluents in biologically active, aerated fixed or expanded bed reactors for their polishing (removal of residual COD, toxicity, nitrification, suspended solids, etc.) represents nowadays a state of the art technology (fig. 1). Essential factors for the efficiency of biofilters are · porosity, adsorbing capacity and mass transfer of filter materials , respective constitution, bioactivity and stability of the applied mixed microbial culture. Their high porosity and high, recoverable adsorbing capacity of LEVAPOR carrier enable a remarkable improval of the biodegradation capacity and stability of the bioprocess. The adsorbing surface of LEVAPOR enables a faster and higher adsorption of low degradable and hazardous pollutants from the effluent and a remarkably faster colonisation of the carrier by microorganisms, respectively a relatively fast established biofilm . LEVAPOR-carrier cubes have further low bulk density 30 to 40 kg/m³(dry),enabling remarkably lower energy consumption for flushing and fluidizing the filter during cleaning .
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