Bio-Rieselbettreaktor für die Behandlung der Abluft einer Lagerhalle für Kunststoffabfälle
BIOREACTORS for effluent treatment with LEVAPOR For the biotreatment of effluents using the biofilm technology, several types of bioreactors can be used. They must achieve a good distribution of the medium in order to ensure an optimal mass transfer, respectively a good three-phase-separation of gases, biomass and carrier from the liquid medium. For aerobic processes, the optimal choice for is depending on level of pollution, respectively the required specific oxygene demand of the effluent. For concentrated pollutants with high oxygene uptake are fluidised bed reactors the most suitable, however for low polluted effluents, respectively biological aftertreatment of pretreated effluents represent expanded bed or fixed bed reactors (trickling filters) the optimal choice. For the anaerobic process are concentration and degradability of the pollutants, respectively the expected biogas production the decisive factors. For effluents, containing persistent pollutants, the treatment in relatively low loaded anaerobic expanded bed reactors using LEVAPOR-F carrier showed the best performance.
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